Emojis Shortcode

Emojis are amazing, cute, clear, confusing, funny or whatever you connect with this topic. However - Emoticons are trendy and in Hugo there is a function available called emojify. Where you can convert a :thumbsup: to a thumb that shows up. But this can mess up really quickly if you apply this to the whole article. We will create a quick shortcode to solve this problem.

The Shortcode

Create a file called emoji.html within your layouts/shortcodes/-Folder. Like:

|-- layouts
|  |-- shortcodes
|  |  |-- emoji.html

Then copy & paste the following content into it:

{{ .Get 0 | emojify }}


In your markup you can just write:

{{< emoji ":thumbsup:" >}} -> 👍

Great - quick and simple 😄


An Emoji Cheat sheet you finde here: webpagefx.com/tools/emoji-cheat-sheet/